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Our philosophy is to deliver physiotherapy from start to finish.


We will ask about the history of your condition to enable us to gain an understanding of the background to the problem and identify any related issues. We will examine the associated joints, nerves and muscles by assessing the movement and determine how they are functioning.  We will formulate a diagnosis, provide a treatment plan and start physiotherapy.



Physiotherapy treatment on the lower back
Physiotherapy from start to finish


During the sessions, we will clearly explain our findings to help you to better understand your condition, our diagnosis and the treatment needed. To achieve lasting benefits, we strongly believe it is important to locate the primary source of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms.


We care about providing a seamless process throughout your treatment, between our sessions and liaison with your GP, consultant or specialist.  Subject to your approval, this may include requesting further medical investigations, imaging or referrals to a specialist, updating them on your progress and at treatment completion.


To book an appointment, contact Cayley Physiotherapy today.

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