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Our extensive physiotherapy experience enables us to offer a wide range of treatment options, so we can provide you with the most effective physiotherapy which best suits your condition.


Treatment may include:


  • ‘Hands on’ physiotherapy using our own manual treatment techniques to target specific joints, nerves and muscles

  • Acupuncture, which involves inserting fine needles precisely into specific points of the body for therapeutic purposes

  • Ultrasound to stimulate the healing process which aims to reduce pain

  • Taping techniques, to assist you with unstable joints, to offload painful joints and muscles and correct malalignment.

  • Personalised exercises including specific stretches and muscle strengthening

  • Trial orthotics to assist with optimising foot position


We can provide a detailed assessment of your walking and running techniques or specific movements and sporting actions. This enables us to individually tailor your treatment, that may include strengthening specific muscles.


Effective Up To Date Treatment:


We genuinely enjoy our work and are passionate about continuously enhancing ourselves as physiotherapists, to provide the most effective physiotherapy treatment for you. We firmly believe that there is always more to learn, with new developments occurring all the time, as science moves forward. To keep up to date with the latest treatment techniques, we regularly attend courses and read a wide range of medical books and articles, to further develop our physiotherapy knowledge so that we can provide the best physiotherapy treatments for you.



Providing Continuity of Care:


We recognise that continuity of care is crucial to optimise your recovery, by having the same physiotherapist throughout your treatment and the most appropriate frequency of physiotherapy sessions for you.


Please view our services to find out more about what conditions we treat.

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